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     Where during the ceremony can I have music?

The possibilities are endless  it is really up to you and your vicar/registrar but here’s a few suggestions ………

Before the Bride arrives - Whilst your guests assemble there is always a period of waiting. Music before your arrival builds the emotion and relaxes your guests including the Groom as he fidgets nervously in his seat. This is a calming moment before the Brides entrance.  Also if you had your heart set on "Here comes the bride"  but there is no organist or during a Civil Ceremony then Nicky can provide the music for you.

Bridal Entrance - Many Brides are choosing to forgo the traditional "Here Comes The Bride" in place of a love song or classical piece. One of the most popular songs for this time is "The Wedding" by Julie Rogers, simply because the lyrics seem to capture the moment so well. (Click Here to Listen)

www.professionalweddingsinger.co.uk - Wedding Singer and Vocalist


During the Ceremony
(Church Wedding)
Nicky is often asked to sing a solo piece of music to replace a reading or congregation hymn. This is very good to consider for a few reasons. Firstly you can catch your breath, as time will pass so quickly. Secondly, churches are no longer well attended and some guests will not know the hymns, which can be a very embarrassing moment for everyone.

During the Ceremony (Civil Wedding) Civil Services/Partnerships  usually take 15 to 20 minutes - One or two songs can be added into the ceremony to both enhance and add romance to the occasion.

Signing of the Registers - This is the most usual place to expect a soloist within a wedding, it keeps your guests entertained whist you and the party sign the registers. For church services, Ave Maria still remains the most popular choice.

Walking back down the aisle as man and wife -  This is the moment you can finally relax and look forward to the rest of your celebrations, therefore many couples choice a more light-hearted song.

Reception or Evening Celebrations - Nicky can sing through your Wedding Breakfast or entertain your guests whilst they arrive at your venue. Singing gentle unobtrusive love songs at a comfortable volume allowing your guests to enjoy both their meal and conversation. This will surely provide a special & unique talking point to your celebrations



 Do you have a demo of your songs ?

Yes. These can be listened to on the Song and Sample page. (Click here) 


 How is Nicky's sound produced?

Nicky sings with a carefully placed & small PA system which will not detract from the beauty of the setting. She sings to professional and high quality backings only.



www.professionalweddingsinger.co.uk - Wedding Singer and Vocalist

 What if I want a song that's not listed


Given ample time, most songs can be accommodated.  Should Nicky feel the song suitable for her voice, and able to obtain the musical accompaniment, then she is happy to learn the song especially for your day.



 What do you wear ?


Nicky wears a pale suit or a chiffon dress and jacket. Not wanting to standout, she will dress smart like any other of your Wedding Guests. As its your special day all eyes will be on you!



 When's the best time to book you ?


Please remember, as Weddings are booked so far in advance it's advisable to speak with Nicky to guarantee your special day as early as possible. We already have advanced bookings for the next three years.



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